This is the house of Love, which has no bound nor end.


Once you’ve walked the edges of this universe
and realised it wasn’t random after all,
that there were signposts everywhere
and love to lead you each step along the way,
come back home, dear heart.

The most magical things have happened:
Ma is playing bridge in the living room,
and some lady is conducting a ceremony
for herself on the sand dune,
which you can stay and watch on your way
to swim, if you’re quiet.

Mpumelelo is watering his garden
and laughing gently at this mlungu
who thinks he knows
anything about the ancestors.
The wind is soft and the sea is
not too cold, once you get used to it.

Every day is full
with perfect little frustrations
and all the other things
we pour over ourselves to pretend
that we really have forgotten for
what it is
we’re here.


My guides

Brought me home