This is the house of Love, which has no bound nor end.


“We can only attempt small perfect acts.” — Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

I finished writing this whole thing
and sat quiet at home.
Nothing special.

Just sun and sea
and two stupid jetskis
playing in the surf.

I took lunch to my dad
and asked him: What do you make
of these toys playing on the surface?

“It’s about pretending
to be master of the waters, you know.
We are in control of them;
they don’t bend us.”

give the man some basic food
and he’ll tell you everything.

So, say it simply now:
has the ocean bent you,
father, and what did it teach?

“Of course it has, many times,
without my ever asking.

One - never catch the beach break.
Two - be selective (even when it disappoints your son).
Three - there’s always another wave.”

Then on to talk about the time
it takes to build DNA sequences,
before asking me to bring all my cups
so he could run the dishwasher.

Here is the real and mystical
Be sure to clean up when you’re done.


Let go the armour

Take it easy

Quick, wet boy