This is the house of Love, which has no bound nor end.


It was already written, long ago,
and not by these hands,
held together by old red rock
as Venus rose above the throne verse
of a Karoo sunset: all in rhythm
when we were called to perform our rite
and realise that even this fool
with one shoe on, one shoe off,
fumbling for any kind of word
with which to open oceanic grace
for the other, was foretold.

One more filament of endless light
loving to be known,
firm and true and always on fire
so that this time you will not forget.

Whether you look for it or not,
you will be found, here,
my promise fulfilled
in the fullness of your faith
free in our fetters fanned out
across this canvas, already covered
in ink and blood and rainbow shadow
written, rehearsed, re-presented
long ago and now again,


Loving Jah