This is the house of Love, which has no bound nor end.

The Tent

“‘Tis but a Tent where takes his one day’s rest
A Sultan to the realm of Death addrest;
The Sultan rises, and the dark Ferrash
Strikes, and prepares it for another Guest.” — Omar Khayyam

Who will show me more my heart:
the steel, the dance, the ignorant, the friend?

Where is this line you’re looking for?

Do babies know it, or the cat,
or do they just have real knowledge
of how to marvel at their world from within,
without exception, expecting
nothing and knowing
that for truly pungent oil,
one must find the most beautiful rose
and crush it, for we are all captured
by coursing life, the chorus
come to make its call and carry us,
crying with joy and terror
into Ibrahim’s tent and this lasting


Know how to stand

Then bring your own god