This is the house of Love, which has no bound nor end.

Love’s Dye

Here is the well, beloved.

All you need to do is dive in and die
to find the depth of your being,
feel the cool water beneath darkness
and dance with blind fish
who have found their home,
circling forever in neither bliss nor sadness,
but simple well-being.

When you are brought to the waterfall
drink, dear heart, without fear
for the only shit show was your mind
making stories from emotion
when it should have let it be
what it is: in motion,
like plunging drops which do not cling
to these red rocks arrayed
before an open ocean who calls them back
and gathers its returning body
with a love beyond love.

A love which cannot be feared,
only felt, and feeling this,
fatal joy and the formless Word
willing one more return to here.